Understanding Your Workout Begins Before You Hit the Gym

There are those who are quite loyal to their workout routine. They hit the gym every day and really put in a serious amount of work. Cardio, abs, and weight lifting are all part of the routine and they are seeing some of the results they are looking for, but nearly as much as they would like. The expect much more than what they are seeing and begin to get a little frustrated.

This is a common problem that many encounter. They work hard at the gym but don’t understand that their workout actually begins before they leave their home to go the gym. The real workout starts with their pre workout meal.

Why You Need a Pre Workout Meal?

What needs to be understood is that your body needs to have energy to be able to perform your workout routine. Many think that the fats that are in their body will be used to provide that energy but that is simply not the case. A lot of times the body will take energy from other areas, such as muscle, and that seems to defeat the whole purpose of the workout. There has to be another source that provides some energy, so that you can then get into your workout and then fat will be broken down.

This pre workout meal is also important because it does a great deal to get you motivated to do the workout. It will not only provide energy to get started, but will also enhance your mental focus and get you more in tune with getting underway. Understand that while you want your body to eat the fat away, if there is no energy to get started then fat will not be broken down. Plus, if you feel fatigued that you will not want to work out. This is why a meal is important.

What to Eat for a Pre Workout Meal?

pre workout mealThe first and most important thing you need is water. You must be hydrated to be able to maintain the workout. One of the things they say for marathon runners is that if they are really thirsty during the run then they did not drink enough. Water and Gatorade should only be needed to maintain levels, not to boost them. This is true of your workout as well. You need to make sure that you have drank plenty of water before getting started.

It is important to take in a lot of protein. You should have at least 30-40 grams of protein within an hour of your workout. This will not only act as an energy source for you, but will also help to produce bigger and stronger muscles. Eating a protein shake is a really great option, but you can also have some peanut butter, tuna, or chicken and get the same kind of results. You should also use a pre-workout supplement, although there are many, it’s important to research and find the best one.

Low Glycemic Carbohydrates are also good for you. They break down quickly and provide much needed energy to get started. Then you can start to breakdown the fat and see really positive results.